Dear client, thank you for using Ezy Bid to manage your paperwork. Please view the Authority before signing.
If there is more than one person signing the authority, please sign in order (Sign Authority (Vendor 1) -> Sign Authority (Vendor 2) ->Sign Authority (Vendor 3)).
Ezy Bid supports upto 3 people to sign a document. If there are more than 3 people, please contact us for a quick solution.
Ezy Bid only provides this tool for you to sign a document digitally. The document will not be shared or sent to anyone. Once the document is fully signed, please download it and send it to the other party by email. If the document is large, please consider using wetransfer ( or google drive to send it.
If the document has been signed by any vendor, you will be able to view and download it. Please make sure all vendors sign it before sending to the other party.