Reach millions of buyers in Australia and around the world.

We train you. We drive offers and bids to you.

Make precise decisions by advanced computing.

intelligent & efficient

With Easy Sell, you are equipped with advanced computing power and process automation tools.

Effective marketing

Our marketing mix promotes your listings to millions of potential buyers.

Sales task force

A highly specialised sales task force to engage with the market.

Support & education

Get tips on selling in client forum. Our support team holds your hand throughout the whole process.

Advanced Computing

More powerful than any human

Highly automated process to sell my home privately

  • Create a listing in a few clicks.
  • Sign the documents digitally.
  • Video conference brings buyers together.
  • Communicate with buyers through multiple channels.
  • Listing report keeps you updated about the progress.
  • Manage your listing anywhere.

Making decisions is no longer difficult

  • Our data analytics gives you solid ground for decision-making.
  • Advanced computing turns information into guides on actions.
  • The sales process is driven by artificial intelligence, which avoids human errors and precise the process to achieve great results.
  • Three methods to sell my own home privately is one designed for you. 


The most effective marketing strategy to promote your property

Digital marketing

  • Your listings will be posted on social media including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 
  • Option to advertise on search engines Google and Bing.

Easy Sell marketing channels

  • Your listing will be promoted and matched with Easy Sell's existing customers.
  • Potential opportunity to highlight your sell your property listing on Easy Sell ads.
  • Easy Sell works with a broad range of marketing portals, such as and domain, to target the right buyers.

Sales Team

Your success is our target

A sales team to drive offers or bids to you.

  • Easy Sell sales taskforce provides customers with a personalised shopping experience. Achieving great results is the drive of the team.

  • The team is well-informed and highly specialised to engage with the market.

  • When you sell real estate on Easy Sell, Easy Sell sales taskforce will assist with the Open For Inspections and important communications. 

  • You receive sales training so that you can sell in the future.


Work behind the scenes to make the process seamless 

Customer support

  • Our customer support team

  • Answer any questions you may have about your listings.

  • Organise marketing material production.

  • Advice on marketing and sales.

Knowledge centre

Easy Sell posts knowledge and research discoveries to Knowledge Centre for customers to access. The source of the posts includes:

  • market research organisations
  • Easy Sell strategy research centre
  • industry experts. 

How is the process like?