Sell my property myself, the benefit:

As it is your right to sell yourself, there are benefits compared with selling with an agent.

  • You know your home better than anyone else, so you build the narrative.
  • Big saving in commission. $12,000 for a million-dollar transaction.
  • You deal with the market (buyers), hence you have the first-hand information to make informed decisions. 
  • You take control of the whole process with minimum time investment.

How to sell your property yourself?

With the right tools and procedures, you can sell your property for a great price. Here are some of the key elements for your success:

  • Choose the right marketing package
  • Be transparent and provide a good amount of  information to buyers
  • Choose the right sales method and campaign
  • Use the right tools to manage buyers and their competition.

Easy Sell provides the tools and strategies needed for your success.

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