From preparing your property to success, your real estate success journey with us is structured and well planned. Here are the 7 steps:

Step 1. First consulting

Get to know us and the property market.
  • Service introduction
  • Market update and preliminary analysis
  • Appraisal
  • Property assessment.

Step 2. Strategy design

Set up for success by getting the fundamentals right.
  • Engage Easy Sell
  • Select marketing package
  • Select sales method
  • Design campaign.

Step 3. Prepare your property

Maximise the sale price by presenting the potentials.

Based on our property assessment, the local market and your budget, you may need to

  • style your property
  • make repairs and replacement
  • renovate
  • refresh the garden and improve the curb appeal
  • or simply declutter and clean.

Step 4. Marketing

Reach millions of buyers in Australia and around the world.
  • Marketing material design and production (photos, copywriting, floorplan, etc.)
  • Easy Sell e-strategy 
  • Database buyer match
  • Flyers and brochure distribution.

Step 5. Sales training session

We hold your hand through the sales process. You gain skills which can be used life long.

Since you will interact with buyers, it is important for you to understand a few key points 

  • How to greet buyers and establish quick connection
  • How to understand what buyers want and need
  • How to convey information to buyers
  • How to document and share buyer information with Easy Sell
  • How to sell.

Step 6. Open for inspections or private inspections

Be involved in the sales process so that you are on top of the campaign.

After our training

  • If you are confident, you can choose to conduct the inspections on your own
  • Or you can conduct inspections with our on-site assistance
  • Most our clients engage our assistance for a few inspections, and then they feel confident to operate on their own.

Regardless which option you choose, our sales task force always work behind the scene to keep the buyers engaged and drive offers and bids to you.

Step 7. Concluding the sale by guided negotiation or auction

With our tools, the complex becomes easy.
  • You and buyers complete the negotiation or bidding process using our online tools
  • Our tools will guide you through the negotiation/auction process
  • You receive live advice on critical decisions
  • Our advisory team is always available to advise
  • You and buyers complete the paperwork using our online tools.

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