Sell Your Property Yourself. With Easy Sell, You Can.

Create your own success, easier than you think. Intuitive tools at your fingertips.

Buying a property on Easy Sell is as easy as buying an item on eBay.

Buying from anywhere. Tools available to assist signing the contract no experience required. Transparent and smooth process.

Why you can sell

Sell My Property Myself

  • There are thousands of properties sold by owners each year. More and more owners choose to sell themselves.
  • Using the right strategy and tools, selling my property myself is easier than you think.
  • From marketing, critical decision making to signing the contract, we have developed strategies and tools that empower you to sell your property yourself.
  • Our support team holds your hand throughout the whole process.

Achieve your real estate goal by a fraction of what it normally costs


We list your property on multiple portals with high exposure ads. You have brochure and sign boards. You also have the options to advertise your property on social media and search engines.


Only if you need, our inspection specialist privides assistance with open for inspections or private inspections.


We help you design the strategies and set up the digital platform for the sale. We provide you with tools, live support and buyer service to sell your property for a great price.

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