Do property owners have to engage an agent to sell their home? The answer is NO. In Australia and in fact most countries, property owners are within their legal rights to sell their home by themselves. For instance, Consumer Affairs Victoria confirms this and provides basic guides on selling by owner (reference: Consumer Affairs Victoria – Selling Property). There are thousands of properties sold by owners each year in Australia. Most of the transaction stories are not promoted in the marketplace, therefore not known to other property sellers. Selling a house or property is not a well understood process for most property sellers. The traditional way is to engage an agent to manage it. Apart from the routines, which can be handled by anyone, there are a few critical tasks need to be done well in order to achieve a good result. Due to the advance of technology, Easy Sell has developed powerful tools using artificial intelligence and IT technology to tackle those critical tasks. These tools outperform human in lots of aspects. Combined with our sales support, Easy Sell gives property owners the power to sell their home well.